LESS with .NET bundling and minification (+Bootstrap)

There are two things you always have to do when building a website or web application: use a CSS preprocessor and bundle and minify your style/script resources. Using a preprocessor makes writing CSS not so horrible and bundling and minification gives you great performance advantages when you minimize your request amount and size.
Bundling and minification is usually done with grunt or gulp.js but in .NET environment you can take advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework.

This guide will tell you how to use LESS as the CSS preprocessor along with bootstrap‘s LESS source and .NET bundling and minification. Read more…


Octopus Deploy: Automatically transform SSL thumbprint

Recently I had to enable secure connection (HTTPS) for my Azure Cloud Service web role that has three separate environments: educationtesting and production. I’m using Octopus Deploy to automate my deployments to Azure.

This guide will tell how you can automatically change the SSL certificate thumbprint in ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg based on the environment you are deploying to. Read more…